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‘The Halal Food Shop.com’ is an online retailer dedicated to selling and delivering Halal Groceries all over the UK. Our products range from fresh meat, frozen products, dry food, beverages and home essentials.


Going to the store and searching for groceries can be a painful process, especially in today’s busy world. It can be even harder when you need products that are certified Halal! With The Halal Food Shop, our purpose is to make the entire process very simple and easy.


Our product range has a huge focus on ethnic foods that are not readily available in mainstream supermarkets. Our aim is to be able provide a diverse range of world foods for all ethnic groups including Middle Eastern, African, Eastern European, Asian and Western audiences.


Our aim is to become the ‘go to’ online food retailer for Muslims. 

We envisage multiple storage and distribution centres in the UK, with a small fleet of branded vehicles. Our ambition is to then break international markets. We have several contact, around Europe and further afield where where there is definitely room for us to flourish.

Our simple customer process

our customers order your products online

we stock, package and deliver your products

our customers receive your products fresh and frozen

Our team
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan is the Founder & CEO of ‘The Halal Family Group’ formed in 2020. A Muslim pilgrim of 2017, who found an inner sense of community and returned to the UK with a feeling to incorporate this impression into his life and the life of others. With that, he found that linking his expertise, and incorporating a commercial outlook on the ‘Halal’ industry to be the best way to emulate his vision.

His career background however is quite the opposite. Having successfully accomplished a 20 year plus career from within the Marketing & Promotions Events industry; Bilal has hosted over 200+ student events annually, global events and international talent. These include collaborations with the F1 Abu Dhabi, Cannes Film Festival and hosting international talent such as Drake, Sean Paul amongst others within his hometown of Leicester.

Bilal’s humble background has given him overpowering stimulus to exceed expectations. The ability to create, service and fulfil projects has opened Bilal’s entrepreneurial ambition over the years. His latest vision is for ‘The Halal Family Group’ to create household brands to service the global ‘Halal’ community.

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Al Noor Manjothi

Al Noori Manjothi is the Co-Founder & COO (Chief Operations Officer) of ‘The Halal Family Group’ formed in 2020. Previously an employee of Bilal Khan handling logistics for ‘Media Board International’, his hands on approach, commitment and vision has been granted with ‘The Halal Family Group’.

Al-Noor is passionate about having a practical approach to tasks which enables him to innovate and constantly develop The Halal Family Group. This dedication and optimism is paramount in the development of any company.

Chief Marketing Officer

Zain Lambat

Zain believes that we, as humans, don't buy "stuff". We buy when we are moved. We buy when we are captivated and engaged to the point that we drop whatever it is we're doing and say, ‘Oh, heck yes. I need me some of THAT.’ And so he teaches companies how to create that reaction.

Zain joined The Halal Family Group shortly after the service launched in May. After studying Chemistry at the University of Leicester, working in IT consultancy and most recently starting up a creative agency, he brings a wealth of experience in scaling multiple small/medium sized businesses online - demonstrating his adaptable and versatile background.

To summarise, he is a results-focused digital marketing professional with a thorough understanding of social media, content creation & marketing, social ads and digital relationship building strategies. He has a proven ability to drive sales, engagement and gain brand awareness digitally.

Working with us

Thanks to our business model, we’re not bound by traditional shelf space requirements – this lets us give independent, up-and-coming suppliers a chance in the spotlight, and a home in our aisles.

So, why should you supply The Halal Food Shop?

National exposure

Our grocery delivery service reaches majority of the UK.

We scale with you

Because we store all products in warehouses and not shops, we’re able to stock the smallest of ranges, and grow with you.

Media and promotion support

Our marketing teams offer bespoke support, and will help you draw up both media and promotion plans that suit your budget.

Digital retail

We’re at the forefront of the online grocery revolution. Supplying The Halal Food Shop will make your product or range a part of this new wave of retail.

We can support the smallest of the suppliers

Our unique model means we often request new suppliers start with single case deliveries to our Customer Fulfillment Centres (CFCs). We’ll also provide a list of recommended hauliers if you’re unable to organise your own transport. We’re with you, every step of the way.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive retailer, so it’s important to us that every Halal Food Shop Retail supplier (established and prospective) feels equally supported and fairly treated by us.

Case study

Being a small supplier, we found it virtually impossible to get an opportunity to prove to any UK retailer that we not only have a great product, but we’re a company worth trading with.

Our product couldn’t be found on the shelves of any other retailer and we had no proven track record of sales. Despite this, The Halal Food Shop listened.

They believed in us and gave our products the break we’d been waiting for. With a sensible approach to pricing, margin and marketing investment, The Halal Food Shop listed all our seventeen items. Working closely with the The Halal Food Shop Creative team, we promoted our products and marketed to the right customers. Now, we have exposure all over the UK, and supply to thousands of customers nationally – putting us in front of other larger brands.

Unlike many other retailers, The Halal Food Shop always treats us with respect and fully appreciates our business concerns. We’ve never been forced to over-invest in marketing or price reductions that we cannot afford.

Instead, they have shown support and helped us grow as a business, collaborating to ensure success for both sides.

Without The Halal Food Shop, our brand would not be as widely recognised as it is today.”

Sara Rashid (Homemade Savouries by Sara Director)

Supplier form

Step 1: Application form

Tell us about the product or range you’d like us to list by completing our online application.

Step 2: Buyer review

One of our buyers will review your application and decide whether your product or range is a good fit for The Halal Food Shop. You can expect to hear back from them within two weeks.

Step 3: Result

If successful, one of our Buyers will be in touch to set up a meeting. If our Buyers decide we’re not a good fit, you’ll be given a reason why.

We’d love to work with you and look forward to seeing your application.

Application Form